Why Should You Hire a Professional Las Vegas Remote sUAS (Drone) Operator?

A professional remote sUAS operator/pilot will have the proper FAA certification, equipment, and experience. The key advantages of hiring a 3rd-party remote sUAS professional are:
  • No need to get the proper FAA certification and subsequent tests and fees... as well as pay for and get the proper training to get it
  • No maintenance or replacement costs
  • No learning how-to fly and properly and efficiently shoot photos and video
  • No need to learn how-to, and subsequently, cut or edit footage and/or purchase all the necessary software
  • No upfront cost to buy a drone, camera, and other necessary equipment or software
  • No need to worry about and keep up with the ever-changing sUAS laws both on the Federal (FAA) and State and Local levels
  • No need to keep up with the constant evolution of drones and their technology
  • No need to worry about spending money to hire, train, or get an employee certified just to have them leave your company and have to start all over again
  • No need for added insurance costs