We're the service you didn't know you needed and didn't know you were missing! We have the right service that is perfectly priced for you. We are here to help you in a number of fashions. We provide simple basic services at the moment and offer them at extremely affordable cost. We're new and building our business and portfolio but as we grow we hope to expand the types and levels of service offerings to include more advance services like mapping, surveying, and more in the future.

Oh Yeah, our services are All-Inclusive! We provide you with both aerial photographs and video of your project! For video, simple editing is included and we can provide more advanced editing if needed for a nominal fee.

We are Licensed and Insured! On top of being FAA Part 107 Certified, we are a Licensed Nevada Business operating under our parent company, Ultra Vegas Enterprises LLC. We also carry General Liability Insurance for all contracted missions.

We are local, we live and work here. Even if you don't choose us, please choose a Drone Services Provider that is local. We know it's tempting to use a general network provider but they undercut local providers and in the end cost you more. So called network providers only pay a fraction of what you pay them to the pilots that actually fly the mission. Most pilots that take the Network jobs are newer, less experienced pilots.

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Aerial Photography

Whether you are looking to get some photos of your personal property, for your business, for your development, for news or other media, and more... we can provide you with the perfect photos! This can used for your personal collection, marketing efforts, media broadcast/project, social media, real estate listing, etc... just about anything you can imagine!



Home/Private Property Owners

The service you really didn't know you needed! Maybe you just want a photo or video for personal use to have something to compare to years down the road? Maybe you want to have a before or after photo/video of a renovation? Maybe you just need to check on something that is hard to see, like on the roof or in a tree? Maybe something else? Who Knows!? The uses and reasonings are endless and we have you covered no matter the reason!

Prices just not right for your situation? Let us know what you have in mind and the scope of your proposed project and we will work with you... just keep in mind at that we have travel time/gas, set-up time, flying time, tear down time, and photo/video prep/delivery time... on top off all our other typical business fees we have to pay like taxes, licensing, aircraft maintenance, website fees, etc....

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!

 Having a Home Built?  We can work with you do document the progress of the home as it's being built! Bi-Weekly or Monthly Updates! *Subject to builders approval/agreement to allow us access to property for interior ground-based options




Pricing can be a bit tricky based on what you actually need but we try to lay it out as cut and dry for you here. We try below to give you an idea. Our initial base rate is a good place to start and we try to stick close to it...

Base Rate: Sits Around $50 to $75hr but Pricing Really Depends on the Project

We don't overly charge for services, you pay for the actual time it takes!

Mostly everything we do will fall somewhere within our base rate. Depending on what you need, the cost could be slightly less or slightly more to considerably more. Factors like how long we will be on site, how big the area is, and etcetera... will all be factored in when quoting your project/mission.

Projects that take special software or hardware (like to create 3D models, Orthomosaic photos, Take/Perform Measurements, Etc.) will cost a little more to cover the costs of the special software/hardware needed to perform those services. 

Taken into consideration of the pricing is travel, pre-mission planning/prepping (like gathering any necessary airspace approvals, setting up equipment with mission details/plans, etc), and things like downloading, editing, and putting together the deliverables for you also take a considerable amount of time behind the scenes and are also factored in to the overall project/mission cost.

Included in the Price You Recieve:

  • Pre-mission Prepping and Planning
  • Travel Time (if more than 30 miles from our home base)
  • On-site time (to include walk-through, set-up, any briefings, flight time, etc)
  • Photos and/or Video Capture Time
  • Post-mission data processing, compilation, editing, and deliverable readiness
  • At least 30 days on cloud storage time to retrieve your data

Discounts: 10-25%

We Are Proud to Serve Those Who Serve Our Country! We Gracefully Offer Discounts to Our First Responders and Military Members as Our Way of Saying Thank You for All That You Do for Our Country and Each and Everyone of Us! Includes:

  • Police, Fire, EMS, Nurses
  • Military (Active/Reserve/Veterans)
  • Teachers
  • Repeat Customers/Contracts
  • See this Section for more details

Additional Travel Required: Varies

Jobs outside the Las Vegas VALLEY will require an additional travel fee for travel time, clocked from our Base of Operations in the Far Northwest part of the valley (Centennial Hills Area) and from normal estimated travel times via Google Maps/Waze Estimates. Travel requiring more than 2 hours travel time (roundtrip) will incur an additional mileage charge (at the current regular fuel rates). Travel requiring other modes of travel (such as air) will incur an additional fee to cover costs at basic coach/standard class rates (billed at the actual cost we incur, receipts will be provided).


*Webpages for properties/projects will be hosted as a subdomain of our main company, Ultra Vegas Enterprises LLC at yoursite.uventerprises.com unless opting for the individual hosted domain option



All services are subject to the following that are out of our control;

  1. FAA Imposed Airspace/Temporary Flight Restrictions
  2. Weather
  3. Public Safety Emergencies in the area around the mission area


UVDS will make every attempt to accommodate your preferred mission date/window, but, in the unlikely event we can’t there’s no need worry. We’ll let you know right away if either airspace waivers or other conflicts hamper with your preferred dates and/or mission location. If so, we’ll work to promptly schedule you to the soonest time possible.

We regularly monitor weather conditions on the days leading up to scheduled missions. Should the weather forecast look like it may become an issue in the days leading up to your scheduled mission date, we will keep you alerted as part of our pre-mission communications. Weather, Emergency, Temporary Flight Restriction and other out of our control related flight cancellations receive priority rebooking. UVDS has the final authority on all flight matters, and has the final say regarding day-of related delays and cancellations..

General Availability

Sunday through Tuesday: Anytime
Wednesday: Varies
Thursday through Saturday: After 5pm