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Flight Missions

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What We Do

Service Types
We are here to help you in a number of fashions. We provide simple basic services at the moment and offer them at extremely affordable cost. We're new and building our business and portfolio but as we grow we hope to expand the types and levels of service offerings to include more advance services like mapping, surveying, and more in the future.

Aerial Photography

High resolution aerial photos of what you need for whatever you need it for. Get shots from straight above, from different angles, and at varying distances to suit your needs.

Aerial Videography

High resolution aerial video footage for whatever you need it for. Get footage from straight above, from different angles, and at varying distances. Great to complement photos and can provide a better general overall overview.


We offer FPV (First-Person View) aerial video services. FPV is latest frontier in aerial videography that is immersive, exciting, fun to watch, and provides the perfect marketing tool for raising brand/listing awareness!

Photogrammetry/3D Modeling

We offer basic photogrammetry/3D modeling but do not currently offer any other type of mapping service, especially those needed for precise measurements, yet.


Inspection Support

We offer our drone services for basic visual inspections to help you an any inspection work you do. We can take high resolution photos and videos of areas that are hard to get at or get footage of from the ground.

Search Support

We offer our drone service in searches. Whether it be for a search and possible rescue situation or just to help you find something, we can help you with that!

Have a Business?

Get Aerial Footage for Your Marketing Needs!

Whether you just want a photo or video to showcase your business or you need aerial footage for a marketing campaign, we have you covered!

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!

Commercial or Residential

Get Great Highlights for Your Listings

Get Great Aerial Photos and Video to Help Sell Your Properties. Are you a Real Estate Photographer? We can help you too! We can complement your service if you don't have a drone and a FAA Part 107 certificate, we can assist!

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!

Commercial or Residential

Keep Updated on Progress

Get an overview of your project area and/or project itself before, during, and after planning and development on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!

Affordable and Effective Help

The Eyes and Promotional Footage You Need

Whether you need help seeing or finding something or maybe just want an awesome shot of the project you just finished, we have you covered!

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!

Get Footage to Document Incidents, Inspect Properties, and/or Asses Risk

Make Your Data More Complete

Whether you need to document an incident/accident scene or specific damage to a piece of property, or inspect current or future property for coverage and risk assessment, we can help you get the most complete data you need!

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!

Homeowners and Property/Land Owners

See or Showcase Your Property

Whether you just want a photo or video for personal use or maybe you need to check on something that is hard to see, we have you covered!

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!

Personal or Professional

View your event or family from ways you never thought possible!

Get aerial photos and/or video of events like weddings, family reunions, recreational sporting events and more... Even get them for personal use like photos and/or video of you and/or your family

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!

Custom Photography & Videography

For Designers, Editors, Media, Etc.

Whether you need some aerial photos or some short video for a project or broadcast, we got you covered!

Have An Activation on the Sphere?

We Have Experience in Covering Businesses Who Have Activation's Running on the Sphere at the Venetian! We have helped several clients to get footage beyond what the Sphere offers. And we do it at an affordable cost!

Repeat Customer/Contract Discounts Available!


Offering Discounts to Our First Responders and Military Members

We are proud to support and honor those who serve and protect us domestically and abroad. We offer discounts to those currently serving or who are retired or honorably discharged. Must have current credentials like a current and unexpired work identification badge or DD214 at time of service to be eligible for discount.

Service Area

Here, There, Everywhere!

While based in Las Vegas we are proud to serve all of Southern Nevada, it's surrounding areas, and beyond! Including Southern California, Southern Utah, and Northern Arizona. That Being Said We Will Almost Travel Anywhere Needed with Enough Notice!

FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot

FAA Certified, Nevada & Local Business Licensed, Insured!

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